Crimes Against Nature

It is easy to find someone who will hem and haw about climate change to buy the fossil fuel industry more time, but Scott Pruitt is a man who doesn’t even believe in ordinary pollution, to judge by his actions; to put him in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency is a bad joke. You really have to read Jeff Goodell’s piece in the August 10 issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

Swimming in the Eel River

I just spent a wonderful week visiting my son John in Humboldt County. Here he’s introducing his rescue dog Rango to the water. Rango’s got a lot of lab in him, so we think he’ll love swimming once he catches on. The object of this first lesson is to get his heart to stop beating a mile a minute. As you can see, he’s already learning to relax.

Une chanteuse Parisian

John Tavano and I were thrilled to hear Parisian singer Anne Marie Codur and pianist Jill Borenstein perform our song, “La Girafe” at the Boston National Poetry Month Concert last night. It was a wonderful evening all around: Sufi poetry read to the accompaniment of the Turkish bowed tambour, Derek Walcott’s poetry paired with the mesmerizing sound of steel pans —even a Japanese pop song!