15th Anniversary of Boston Women’s Memorial

I brought three generations of women to the fifteenth anniversary celebration of the Boston Women’s Memorial, sculpted by the incredibly-talented, true artist, Meredith Bergmann.

The event was quite wonderful —simple, dignified and eloquent. The speakers took legitimate pride in having been part of doing the organizational work and raising funds to put the memorial together, pointing out that before its installation there had been only three statues of women in all of Boston. They acknowledged being discouraged by what has taken place in our country in the last two years, but they were by no means in a surrendering mood. Meredith’s own presentation was, of course, perfect. The three actresses who performed were utterly believable. And best of all, from my perspective, the three generations of women that I brought to the event all loved being there. Little Cora gave a babble-speech that competed with one of the actresses’ recitations!

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