Jiggery-Pokery Semicentennial

The double dactyl is aptly described on the jacket of this new anthology as “a devilish amalgam of rhyme, meter, name-dropping and pure nonsense,” but editors Daniel Groves and Greg Williamson have somehow persuaded the likes of X. J. Kennedy, J. D. McClatchy, Kim Bridgford, Caki Wilkinson, Andrew Hudgins and Charles Martin to contribute their efforts to this new anthology, conceived as a follow-up to the original Jiggery-Pokery anthology compiled by the inventors of the form, Anthony Hecht and John Hollander. Also included are three of my own poems, along with several by my good friend A. M. Juster.

Quiet Drama

I would consider this 3-minute video a found poem. View it the way you would read a poem, allowing time to slow down while you give it your full attention. You’ll find it delightfully amusing. Although there is very little artifice involved, it’s a masterpiece of composition. Be sure to watch it all the way through: it’s got a beginning, a middle, and an end. And the acting is terrific!