CD’s Delivered!

I had to laugh at myself yesterday. There was simply no way to pretend that I wasn’t as excited as a child on Christmas morning as I kept glancing out the window watching for the UPS truck to arrive with the first shipment of our CD, The Subtle Thread. Finally, they’re here! John, Ann and I met at Soufflés, where they got their first look at the fine thing we made together. And we shook hands, which seemed a silly gesture indeed, but it perfectly expressed the great sense of relief and accomplishment we felt.

John called later, in the evening. He’d gone to see Albert, and found him trying to install a big barn door by himself, so he gave him a hand. And he gave him a copy of the CD. Albert’s never heard any of the recordings that he played on so wonderfully! Then John and Ann drove around listening to the CD in the car, feeling proud and pleased by all the little things that Chris and Alex and Albert and Aaron and all of us brought to the mix. it was a happy phone call, to say the least. And John said to me, “It’s done. But actually it’s really just beginning, isn’t it?”

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