The Justin Quinn Band

Celebrated blues harpist Justin Quinn’s new album includes his recording of a song we wrote together almost ten years ago, called “A Woman’s Trick.” The lyrics are mine; Justin and guitarist Jon Ross teamed up on the music. Other members of this all-star band include Dave Sag on bass and Per Hanson on drums. Here’s a list of just SOME of the artists members of the band have played with: James Cotton, Ronnie Earl, Jay Geils, Magic Dick, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Commander Cody, John Hammond Jr, Ronnie Earl… I like to think —because Ross played guitar for Duke Robillard, who played for Bob Dylan and Tom Waits— that puts me at only two degrees of separation from two of the greatest songwriters of our time!

Lazy by Nature is available from iTunes or at


Espaillat / Nicol / Tavano

In this new program of melopoeia —poetry recited to musical accompaniment—poets Rhina Espaillat and Alfred Nicol and classical/flamenco guitarist John Tavano explore various kinds of journeys, or passages: the very different sea-voyages of conquistadors and exiles; the swift travel of atomic particles; a seemingly inconsequential walk from the work-place to the bus; and finally, the passage of time and the final border-crossing that lies ahead of us all. In addition to their own work, Espaillat and Nicol read poems by A. E. Stallings and Richard Wilbur.

Passages is available at Jabberwocky in Newburyport, online at CD Baby, and through iTunes, and through a number of streaming services, including Spotify. View track listing and listen to samples here:  CD Baby


cdcoverThe Subtle Thread

Nine original songs written by the exquisitely gifted guitarist and composer John Tavano (music) and myself (lyrics), featuring the beautiful voice of Ann Harter. Chris Plante (formerly of The Brew) makes a major contribution on melodica and keyboards, as well as engineering and production. Alex Sandman plays terrific bass and also had a big role in engineering the CD. We’re proud to have the otherworldly Albert Lamar play flute and saxophone for us; Albert belonged to the Mississippi Symphony for 15 years, and has performed in orchestras for Ray Charles, The Chieftains, Doc Severinson and others. Aaron Zaroulis, who was The Brew‘s drummer, adds his musicianship to several tracks.

The Subtle Thread is available at Soufflés, Dyno Records and Jabberwocky in Newburyport, and online at CD Baby, iTunes, and a number of streaming services, including Spotify.

CD Baby

Music and Lyrics from the CD

“La Girafe” on Youtube

French lyrics to “La Girafe” and English translation

Sheet music for  “La Girafe”

Sheet music for “Country Wife”


Espaillat / Tavano / Nicol

Melopoeia is an ancient art whose Greek name—a combination of “melos” and “poitria”— suggests its nature: a performance involving poetry recited to a musical accompaniment. The poetry is spoken, not sung in the form of song lyrics, so that the two arts flow separately, through and around each other, without either becoming dominant over the other.

Rhina Espaillat, renowned author of seven books of poetry, and Alfred Nicol, winner of the Richard Wilbur Award, recite their poems as classical guitarist John Tavano plays pieces composed by Bach, Satie, Tarrega and others.

To purchase this CD, please contact Alfred Nicol directly 

Recordings of Melopoeia

Empty Streets by Alfred Nicol (Tavano plays “Corcovado” by Antonio Carlos Jobim)

Sunday by Alfred Nicol (Tavano plays “Gavotte” by Johann Sebastian Bach)

I Dreamt You Young by Rhina Espaillat (Tavano plays “Lagrima” by Francisco Tarrega)

Look to the Small Birds by Rhina Espaillat (Tavano plays “Capricho Arabe” by Tarrega)