Essays & Interviews


Rhina P. Espaillat and the Lyre of Orpheus, Alfred Nicol Reviews Rhina P. Espaillat’s And After All 

This review appeared in Marginalia / LA Review of Books on April 12, 2019

A Sudden Happiness — The Poetry of Deborah Warren

This essay originally appeared in The Hollins Critic, February, 2011

The Candlemaker — An Introduction to the Light Verse of Catherine Chandler

This essay originally appeared in Light, Summer/Fall 2021


Book Reviews

Rhina Espaillat: A Critical Introduction, by Leslie Monsour

The Clandestine Poet, a review of Maryann Corbett’s In Code

This review appeared in The University Bookman,  October 25, 2020

Let Us Watch Richard Wilbur, by Robert Bagg & Mary Bagg

This review appeared on the Woven Tale Press website, Fall, 2017.

The Fortunes of Poetry, by James Matthew Wilson

This review originally appeared in American Arts Quarterly, Fall, 2016.

Her Place in These Designs by Rhina Espaillat

This review originally appeared on the Per Contra website, January, 2012.

Very Far North by Tim Murphy

This review originally appeared in The Edge City Review, Fall, 2002

 Even As We Speak by Len Krisak



Reflecting on One Hundred Visions of War

My conversation with Gayle Heney about translating Julien Vocance’s One Hundred Visions of War, written in the trenches of France in 1916, was recorded at the HC Media Studio in Haverhill on January 23, 2023. Gayle has been producing her award-winning program “Write Now” for over ten years. Previous guests include Andre Dubus, Rhina P. Espaillat, Paul Harding, and Meg Kearney.

Emma Andrews Library Authors Series 

In this video, recorded February 17, 2022, the delightful short-story writer and novelist Áine Greaney invites me to tell my “writer’s origin story” and speak a little about how I write my poems. Sometimes the best way to answer one of her thoughtful questions is to read a poem.

Alfred Nicol Interviews A. M. Juster

A poet with a background very unlike that of most contemporary poets, Juster talks about auspicious and inauspicious trends in contemporary poetry and his own approach to the craft of writing and translating verse. This interview appeared in Better Than Starbucks, July 2020

Write Now Television Program: Alfred Nicol  

Gayle Heney talks with me about Animal Psalms on this program recorded in May, 2016.

Talking About Robert Frost

This talk was presented at The Frost Farm in Derry, NH, July 24, 2011

Alfred Nicol Interviewed by Amanda Mooers

This interview first appeared in the Cervena Barva Press Newsletter, May, 2009

Alfred Nicol Interviewed by Christine Yurick, editor of Think Journal

Poet to Poet, Writer to Writer Television Program: Alfred Nicol

I chat with Doug Holder and read several poems from Animal Psalms on this program recorded Aug. 10, 2016.

Alfred Nicol Interviewed by Doug Holder

This is an edited transcript of Doug Holder’s program, “Poet to Poet, Writer to Writer,” recorded in March, 2007.