Lazy By Nature

Mishara Records has just released a new LP (yes, a vinyl record!) of music performed by the Justin Quinn Band called Lazy By Nature. I wrote the lyrics for track #6, “A Woman’s Trick.” Justin, a legendary blues harpist, and guitarist Jon Ross teamed up on the music. I’d like to think that puts me at only two degrees of separation from two of the greatest songwriters of our time, as Ross has played guitar for Duke Robillard, who played for Bob Dylan and Tom Waits! The LP cover in its cover is a work of art suitable for hanging (I’m talking from experience), but for those of you without turntables, the songs can be downloaded from iTunes or here

Bob Dylan’s Nobel Speech

Certainly there’s reason to be disappointed that Bob Dylan chose not to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature in person, but it should be clear to his many fans that he’s not cut out for that kind of pomp and ceremony. Listen again to “Day of the Locust.” In any event, Dylan’s acceptance speech is a good read.  Micah Mattix complained in The Weekly Standard that the speech makes reference to outdated Shakespeare scholarship, but I rather doubt that Dylan reads much literary criticism. It seems to me that Dylan simply wanted to talk about his practical approach to writing songs as a working musician. He sounds a lot like my pal Justin Quinn talking about his own songs, which is a whole lot better than listening to some literary figures talk about their work.