New Jack McCarthy Website

Those of you who are familiar with Jack McCarthy’s “Standup Poetry” know that his was a very different art than mine, but I am a great admirer of the dedication he brought to his craft. And his gratitude toward the Muse was a wonderful example to the rest of us: no one could be more thankful for his gift than Jack was.

I’ve just received notice of a new website showcasing Jack McCarthy’s work:

“It’s been two years since we’ve had the opportunity to see Jack McCarthy perform live, 21 months since we lost him. Before he passed, he’d spoken and written candidly about the aftermath of his death: “Let there be jokes, stories and music. And let there be listening.”

Thanks to a generous donor and the countless hours his wife Carol and the talented webmaster Valia Eskandari spent designing it, we now have a beautiful new website with some of those stories, those jokes, and that too short time at the open mike.

Visit to read Jack’s poems, view his performances, purchase his books and sign up to get updates on new publications and special announcements. May you enjoy the site, remember Jack and find inspiration, solace, and love in his enduring words.