Workshop Member News

Recent publications and news from workshop members:

Steve Colori’s flash fiction, “Fire and Ice” appears in A Story in 100 Words.

Bonita LeFlore’s short story, “The Night Watch” was a finalist for the 2020 Adelaide Books Literary Award.

Wendy Ford was asked to speak for the University of Michigan’s Martha Cook Alumnae Association’s annual spring tea. Via Zoom, she read from her frontier poetry narrative, A Frontier Romance – Tiger Bill and Kate , as well as from her two earlier books, both medical memoirs: To Get Back Home – A Mysterious Disease: A Fight for Life, and Normalcy – How one family made it through a devastating diagnosis: A Primer for Dealing with Cancer (available free, here: Normalcy)

Margaret Ohrn’s poem, “Sister, Incarcerated,” appears in the Spring 2021 issue of The Raven Review.

Margaret Ohrn’s poem, “”While Giving the Heggerty Test in 2020” will be published this summer in The Midwest Quarterly.

Listen to Margaret Ohrn read her poem, “Summer’s End,” published in the February 2021 issue of South Florida Poetry Journal

Wendy Ford talks about her collection of narrative poems, A Frontier Romance, on The Clements Bookworma podcast of the University of Michigan’s William L. Clements Library.

Steve Colori continues to publish regularly at Good Men Project. Here is his most recent essay.

Quincy Whitney’s debut collection of poetry, Turbulence, is available from Finishing Line Press

Sandra Thaxter’s second chapbook, Illuminated,  is available from Finishing Line Press

Ibbetson Street #47 includes poems by Priscilla Turner Spada, Sandra Thaxter, Peter Bryant, Paulette Demers Turco and myself.

James A. Rurak’s The Rosary: A Tract for Catholic Misfits is available from Wipf and Stock Publishers

Bill Gray’s essay, “Lessons from my Father: Don’t Forget to Laugh,”  appears at The Good Men Project.

Sandra Thaxter’s chapbook, Illuminated, is available for pre-order from Finishing Line Press.

Steve Colori’s new book, Thoughts on Therapy: A Guide to My Recovery From Psychosisis now available at

Paulette Demers Turco’s poem, On the Way to School”  has been commended in the 2020 FPM-Hippocrates Health Professional Prize for Poetry and Medicine. There is a £50 award to accompany the commendation.The poem will also be published in the 2020 Hippocrates Awards Anthology.

Zara Raab has three poems in the Winter/Spring 2020 issue of Think: A Journal of Poetry, Fiction and Essays. 

Paulette Demers Turco has been named the 2020 recipient of The Robert Frost Prize for her poem, “Singer.” The prize is awarded annually by the Robert Frost Foundation in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Ann Staffeld and Marie Tobin have poems in the most recent issue of The Lyric, founded in 1921, (The Lyric is the oldest magazine in North America in continuous publication devoted to traditional poetry.)

Ibbetson Street, #46 includes poems by workshop members Peter Bryant, Zara Raab, Paulette Demers Turco, and Priscilla Turner Spada, as well as one of my own.

Steve Colori’s story, “The Sapling,” at Where Words Matter, a publication of Spillwords Press

Steve Colori’s ten-word story at Dime Show Review

Kelsay Books has published Wendy Ford’s collection of narrative poems, A Frontier Romance.

Kathleen Rice’s memoir, House Holds, is now available at

Congratulations to Paulette Turco, recipient of an MFA in Creative Writing from Lesley College.

Steve Colori’s story, “Changing Language,” in the April, 2019 issue of Adelaide.

Wendy Chapin Ford’s poem, “Times Hard Beyond Telling: Kansas, 1874” received Honorable Mention in The Able Muse Write Prize contest for 2018.

On Wednesday, Oct. 17, at 5:30, three poets from the Emma Andrews Poetry Workshop— Priscilla Turner Spada, Paulette Turco, and Sandra Thaxter—will be featured along with Elizabeth Wolf at The Poetry Society of New Hampshire’s new book night at Gibson’s Bookstore, 45 South Main Street, Concord, NH 03301.

Quincy Whitney’s regular column for the Nashua Telegraph is a must-read. Here is a link to her latest, which is about cartoonist Art Spegielman, winner of the MacDowell Colony Medal for 2018.

“Keeping Up Appearances,” new flash fiction from Steve Colori, at A Story in 100 Words.

Quincy Whitney has been writing a regular column for the Nashua Telegraph, which she calls “Quincy’s Quill.” Read her most recent column as well as archived columns at Quincy’s website.

The next issue of Ibbetson Street (#43), will include a poem by Ann McCrea titled “Dream with my Father,” Paulette Turco’s poem, “Rage on the Third Floor,” Priscilla Turner-Spada’s  “The Big Kid,” and Sandra Thaxter’s “To Walt Whitman.”

Kevin Carey’s play, The Stand, Or Sal is Deadwill be performed at The Actor’s Studio in Newburyport from June 21 through June 24 (five performances).

“Chivalry,” new flash fiction from Steve Colori, at A Story in 100 Words.

An upcoming issue of The Lyric,the oldest magazine in North America devoted to traditional poetry,” will include a poem by Ann Staffeld.

Paulette Demers Turco poetry will be featured at the Amesbury Public Library Reading Series on November 28. Reading begins at 6 PM. Paulette will be reading from her recently-released first book, In Silencepublished by Finishing Line Press.

Sandra Thaxter’s first book, The Colors of Water, The Shapes of Stone, is now available from Finishing Line Press.

Anything Can Happen,” new flash fiction from Steve Colori at A Story in 100 Words. 

Ann Staffeld’s “Theologues and Geologues,” Priscilla Turner Spada’s “A Day at the Beach,” Paulette Demers Turco’s “Along the Merrimac,” and my own “A Reprimand from the Concierge” and my collaboration with David Davis, “Mixed Blessing,” all appear in Ibbetson Street #42.

Paulette Demers Turco’s first book, In Silenceis now available from Finishing Line Press.

Sandra Thaxter’s manuscript The Colors of Water, The Shapes of Stone has been accepted for publication by Finishing Line Press.

Steve Colori’s “Moving In” at The Fiction Pool

Steve Colori’s  “The Reason He Loves” and “Hell’s Kitchen” at A Story in 100 Words

Marie Tobin’s poem, “Water the World” has been chosen as a winner of Mass Poetry’s Spring Showers contest and will be shown at the Prudential Center this spring!

Steve Colori’s most recent essay at The Good Men Project.

More flash fiction from Steve Colori in A Story in 100 Words

Flash fiction from Steve Colori in A Story in 100 Words.

Steve Colori is quoted toward the end of this article in The New York TimesNov. 13, 2017.

Priscilla Turner Spada’s poetry will be featured at the Amesbury Public Library Reading Series on November 28. Reading begins at 6 PM.

Quincy Whitney’s essay, “What Leaf Peeping in New England Taught Me About the Meaning of Autumn” at Zócalo

Steve Colori’s essay, “When Will Being Normal Make You Sick,” at The Good Men Project.

Bill Gray’s essay, “Having a Sick Child Can Mend Your Heart” at The Good Men Project.

Bonita LeFlore’s short story “A Good Job” in the October, 2017 issue of Work Literary Magazine.

Steve Colori’s story “A Rainy Road” at Literary Heist

Steve Colori’s baseball story “Breaking Out of Mental Illness,” at The Good Men Project.

Bill Gray’s essay, “Down’s Syndrome: A Different Perspective” at The Good Men Project.

One of Ann McCrea’s haiku will appear in the Fall/Winter issue of The Aurorean.

Two new pieces of flash fiction by Steve Colori at Short Tales 100: “A Good Compliment” and “January’s Dying Uncle”

Bill Gray’s essay, “A Clear Picture: A First Glimpse into the World of Down Syndrome” at The Good Men Project.

Paulette Turco’s manuscript, In Silence, has been accepted for publication by Finishing Line Press.

Sandra Thaxter has a poem titled “Listening to Nora Jones”  in the Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Ibbetson Street (#41).

Roberta Flynn has a poem titled “A Zither Played” in the Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Ibbetson Street (#41).

Steve Colori’s most recent publication at Short Tales 100.

The judges for the 2017 Paterson Poetry Prize have given Kevin Carey’s book, Jesus Was a Homeboy (Cavankerry Press) honorable mention.

Kevin Carey’s new documentary film, Unburying Malcolm Miller, will have its first showing on Friday May 5, at 5:30, at the Peabody Museum in Salem, as part of the Mass Poetry Festival.

Priscilla Turner Spada’s poem, “Lost and Found,” will appear in the Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Ibbetson Street (#41).

Paulette Turco’s poem, “Her Eye Exam,” will appear in the Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Ibbetson Street (#41).

Another story from Steve Colori at The Good Men Project

Steve Colori’s story at *82 Review

Steve Colori’s flash fiction, “The Alarm,” at A Story In 100 Words

Priscilla Turner Spada was a featured reader at the Poetry Hoot in Portsmouth, NH on March 1, 2017. Priscilla read from her first chapbook, Light in Unopened Windows. The reading begins at 7:00.. Location: Cafe Espresso, 738 Islington Street, Portsmouth, NH

Steve Colori has been asked to write a bi-weekly column about men and mental health for The Good Men Project. 

Garrison Keillor read a second poem, “Getting It Right,”  from Kevin Carey’s new collection: The Writers Almanac.

Bonita LeFlore’s novel, The Last Daughter of Elizabeth Light (Published in October, 2016,) is available at

Steve Colori’s story, “What Drives the Wind?” at Scarlet Leaf Review

Quincy Whitney’s biography of pioneering violin-maker Carleen Hutchins made the “long list” for Pen International’s 2017 Award for Biography.

Steve Colori’s essay, “Forgiveness Will Transform How You See Your Mental Illness” at The Good Men Project.

The Journal of the Acoustic Society of American published a terrific review of Quincy Whitney’s biography American Luthier: Carleen Hutchins, The Art & Science of the Violin.

Steve Colori’s 100-word story, “A Difficult Conversation” at Short Tale 100. 

Garrison Keillor read Kevin Carey’s poem, “Reading to My Kids” on The Writers Almanac.

Marie Tobin’s poem “Star Born” will appear in the next issue of The Lyric.

Priscilla Turner Spada’s poem, “Trust,” Paulette Turco’s poem “Rushmore,” Roberta Carr Flynn’s poem, “I Hear the Sound” and my own “After the Carnival” appear in the fall issue of Ibbetson Street (#40).

The prolific Steve Colori’s first work of flash fiction, “The Crossing,” at The Flash Fiction Press.

Steve Colori’s book of short stories, Stek’s Deliberations, available from Amazon.

Steve Colori’s essay, “The Intangibles Have Tangible Results” at Talking Soup.

Bonita LeFlore’s short story “Sanctuary” will be published in The Mulberry Fork Review.

Kevin Carey’s new poetry collection, Jesus Was a Homeboy, from Cavankerry Press.

Steve Colori’s short story “Who’s to Help” at Indiana Voice Journal.

Bonita LeFlore’s story, “Eleanor Was Always With Her,” will appear in the October issue of Front Porch Review.

Steve Colori’s short story, “The Middle” appears in the current issue of Literally Stories.

Paulette Turco will have a poem in the Spring 2016 issue of The Lyric.

Sandra Thaxter’s poem “No Expectations” appears in  Ibbetson Street #39, Spring/ Summer Issue, 2016 (along with a new poem of my own, “The Merry-Go-Round”).

Quincy Whitney’s American Luthier: Carleen Hutchins, the Art & Science of the Violin,  has just been published by ForeEdge Press.

Steve Colori continues to publish regularly at The Good Men Project. “Writing and Recovery” is his most recent essay. Go to the Steve Colori archives at the website to read his earlier essays, like “What It Was Like: My Life Before Mental Illness,” which was recognized as one of his best and widely circulated on Facebook.

Priscilla Turner Spada’s chapbook, Light in Unopened Windows, is now available from Finishing Line Press. (See my blog post.)

Read Steve Colori’s courageous new essay, “Fear, Faith, Hope and Courage,” published in Schizophrenia Bulletin, published by Oxford Journals.

Bonita LeFlore’s short story, “Human Resources,” appeared in the online literary journal Work Literary Magazine, Issue 7.21, January 17, 2016.

Steve Colori has become a regular contributor at The Good Men Project. Here is a link to his recent essay, “Living in Silence and Withholding a Diagnosis.”

Steve Colori’s book, Experiencing and Overcoming Schizoaffective Disorder is available from The book received a terrific review from Erin Kelly at The Good Men Project. Here’s a link: “Inside the Mind: Overcoming the Stigmas and Stereotypes of Schizoaffective Disorder”

Bonita LeFlore’s short story “Warning” was published in the Avalon Literary Review Fall 2015.

Paulette Turco’s essay, “The Last Time…”, won third prize in the Newburyport Adult and Community Education annual writing contest and will be published on the NACE website.

An interview with Kevin Carey at Genoese Reads.

Ed Boyle’s story “Making Weight” is featured in Mud Season Review Issue #3.

Roberta Carr Flynn’s poem, “Sunday Ritual” appeared in Ibbetson Street #34.

Roberta Carr Flynn’s poem, “An Ordinary Kiss” appeared in The Lyric, Winter 2013.