The Catholic child’s imagination

Here is the blurb I wrote for Kathleen Rice’s memoir, Households, now available at This is her second book; the first, also self-published, sold over 139,000 copies!

“This delightful book reminds me of something the poet A. E. Stallings said: ‘All grown-up reading is trying to get back into the secret garden of childhood reading.’ Whoever opens to the first pages of House Holds will find a short-cut to that secret garden. The story titles are an entertainment in themselves. The epigraph from Barbara Kingsolver is perfect. The drawings are terrific (What a concept in this day and age, an illustrated book for adults!). Best of all is the voice of the storyteller, as mischievous and affectionate as the young girl whose stories she tells. Of all the memorable characters we’re introduced to in these first-person narratives, the I of the narrator is my favorite, a fully-realized human being, totally alive— physically, mentally, and even spiritually. I don’t know of anyone who captures the Catholic child’s imagination as well as Kathleen Rice does.”


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